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iCafe Server is the ultimative Internet Cafe solution for the Apple Macintosh. It runs native in OSX Cocoa. It is a true client server solution based on IP. Current Version: 2.9

For high automation a payment device for coins is connectable. Other payment devices will follow. You are able to present any service application to the surfstations ( iCafeClients ). Simple define services, type the cost per hour and select the application the user will use. iCafe client takes over control of the client.

It can replace the finder and it is very hard to break through the barrier of iCafeClient. You can run the system in three different constellations:

The general internet cafe with many surfstations and a central booth for payment or payment devices on each / some of the surfstations.

A distributed achitecture, where the location of the surfstations can be some where ( pubs, kiosks ) and communicate through the net with the central server.

In this case each surfstation has to have a payment device. In the central office an operator can observe what service is where in use.

You also can put client and server to the same machine to build a standalone system. Client and server can be password protected and protects the system from abuse. The iCafe System has "Membership" management included. This allows to put cash to a member account. The customer needs only his name and password the use the member cash on any iCafeClient connected to the server.

For detailed information go to the download area and try the full featured demoversion. ( limitation: 1 Client, 2 hours runtime )

For Mac OS 9 we still provide the AppleEvents based iCafe System with a smart upgrade path.

iCafeClient browser
iCafeClient browser